Odd Uses for Storage Space


Leave it up to the human imagination to come up with ingenuous ways to use a product or service. Personally, I use creative ways to get the most out of my products. Whether its using my phone as an appointment setter or keeping track of the latest trends through on-line Google alerts. For some people, that’s only the beginning. I recently read in an article that many people are using public storage space in odd ways. Yes, the storage units that people storage goods in when they move or relocate. How creative can someone get with a storage space? Well, read on.

A newspaper reported that a self-storage facility caught one person living out of a 10 x 30 foot unit. The individual had been living in the unit for months! The only reason his “stay” was detected was due to the high electric bill that sharply rose. After the owner was alerted about the huge electric bill, a root cause search was conducted to trace out the source of the electricity usage. This led them to a man who had been living in his storage unit with a full queen size bed, a refrigerator, microwave and an air conditioner. He hid behind a huge tarp, to avoid displaying all of his personal items and to avoid detection.

Another storage facility reported that young teenage rock bands were renting space to practice their “loud” music. Another facility reported that there had been a sharp rise in men renting space to store their Star Wars or other toy collections because their wives were sick of displaying “toys” around their homes.

There was one story of a woman who stored a Corvette dissembled in boxes. The wife won the Corvette in a divorce case and that’s how her husband gave her the car. She wanted to store it until she could earn the money to put assembly back. The weirdness of these stories continues. One man locked up his girlfriend in a storage unit to keep her away from an ex-boyfriend. An inmate stored his wooden casket in one unit. Strange stories are reported each year from self-storage facilities. Seems like people are becoming very creative with storage space.

The above image was taken from www.allseasonsbillings.com. I do not own the image nor do I claim any rights over it.


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